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The new “Whinny Nicker Neigh” series of large-format, beautifully illustrated books is a delight for horse lovers, young and old.

Illustrated and written by artist Shellby Young – herself a horsewoman and rancher who lives in the Idaho backcountry – the “Whinny Nicker Neigh” series began in 2016 with the first title, “Pony Poetry.” Shellby’s newest book is “Mountain Mustangs,” telling the real life story of the wild horses of Central Idaho. Next in the series will be Equine Interviews,” slated for release in 2018.

These are beautiful large-format horse books that are a delight for horse enthusiasts, young and old. Watch them choose their favorites, and pick the books up, again and again, to enjoy the wonderfully illustrated stories and poems.

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Read more about the first two titles in the Whinny Nicker Neigh Series:

Pony Poetry (book 1)


This wonderfully large format (14″ x 11″), hardbound and beautifully illustrated children’s book is a delight for both young and old horse lovers, who will enjoy exploring the creative worlds artist Shelly Young has created for her fancifully rendered horses to live in.

Pony Poetry combines a whimsical take on the spirit of horses, with fine equine art and beautiful poetry.

Click below to enjoy a few sample pagse from “Whinny Nicker Neigh: Pony Poetry.




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Mountain Mustangs  (book 2)


It was while hiking in the high mountain deserts of central Idaho that Shellby Young first caught sight of the state’s wild mustangs. Her imagination fired, Shellby spent two years getting to know and photographing the Challis herd in the Boulder White Clouds wilderness before she began “Mountain Mustangs,” the second book in her Whinny Nicker Neigh series. This artistic tribute to the horses of the American West brings awareness to the spirit, beauty and fascinating lives of our wild mustangs.

This is a quality hardbound, large-format (14″ x 11″) and beautifully illustrated book for children … and all lovers of horses, and fine equine art!

Click below to see  a few sample pages from “Whinny Nicker Neigh, Mountain Mustangs“.



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